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How to Survive in our Toxic Environment.

“Toxins damage every aspect of our physiological function and play a role in virtually all diseases.” The Toxin Solution, Dr. Joseph Pizzorno

A recent article in Parenting Magazine, by Kimberly Hiss, offered some excellent tips on dangerous substances that can sneak into our homes. This included information on bisphenols (BPA) in plastics and the lining of some food cans and phthalates which are in some personal-care products, food packaging, and even toys.

We know that these toxins are endocrine disruptors and can cause significant damage to our brain, our gut, our hormones, our nervous system, and our DNA. They can clog the liver, increase the risk of diabetes, and block insulin receptor sites. Toxins are causes or contributing factors to ADD, ADHD, Autism and mood disorders and can cause serious digestive problems. It is not just BPA and Phthalates. In this article, we will examine some of the more commonly encountered toxins and how to avoid them or at least limit their negative effects.

Rather than plastics, we recommend using se glass and steel containers. Plastics are ubiquitous and not only damage our DNA
but pollute the environment killing plants and fish who fight to survive in our oceans and rivers. Store foods in glass containers. Drink from glass or steel containers. Use reusable lunch bags that can take the place of hundreds of plastic baggies (and therefore stop them from ending up in landfills and oceans). May be made of silicone or cloth. Easy to clean and re-heat in. Check out this article from Goodhousekeepin, The Best Reusable Sandwich and Snack Bags to Store Your Lunch.

When you are pumping gas, do you stand upwind of the fumes from the gasoline? If you can smell the fumes, you are being exposed to benzene, a chemical that damages our DNA. Chronic exposure can lead to cancer.

Most conventionally grown foods are sprayed with neurotoxic pesticides and herbicides. The purpose is to kill insects and weeds (GMO foods generally use higher amounts of herbicides). The trend is to choose organically grown produce which we realize can cost more than no organic options, however, what is the true cost of eating the herbicides and pesticides? Our health.

Autoimmune disease has reached an epidemic level. More children than ever suffer from chronic inflammation including chronic neuro-inflammation.  Interested in learning more about the best organic foods to feed your family? Check out The New Dirty Dozen: 22 Foods to Eat Organic.

The Problem: Most of what we encounter may have no immediate or even obvious effects. It is the cumulative and silent effects of thousands of toxic chemicals we face every day that eventually overburden our ability to detoxify properly. We start life with toxic chemicals (the placenta of newborns carries more than 200 chemicals) and start our exposure when we breathe the air around us.

The Solution: Follow the tips in this article, avoid non-organic foods, limit exposure to as many toxins as possible, and exercise regularly. Exercise is a great way to help your body detoxify, you can sweat out all kids of toxins including heavy metals and bisephenol A.  For a detailed approach to releasing your toxic burden and restoring your body’s natural ability to heal, see The Toxin Solution, Dr. Joseph Pizzorno.

Or, to learn about your  and your child’s genetic strengths and weaknesses for Detoxification, order the Pro7ForKids Genetic Test Panel.

– Mike Clark, PHD, Founder of Genetics For Kids.