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Open Letter From Joseph Feste, MD – Your Genetic Health Profile

“I have practiced medicine for more than 50 years. I taught OB-GYN at Baylor University for 33 years. 

During my years of practice,  I have seen a number of advances in Medicine. The one I am most excited about currently is Genetic Testing. However, it is not genetic testing in general. 

It is the ability – and opportunity – we now have to obtain an Individualized  Genetic Health Profile that addresses specific health areas that affect all of us – or could affect us in the future.”

Protect and Guide Your Children / Maximize Their Potential 

I have delivered over 3000 babies during my years of medical practice. Each baby offers new hope and new challenges.  Many I have seen as adults. 

One of the greatest advances in medicine that we are seeing today is the use of DNA testing to obtain information about our children’s risk factors in several areas of health. Why? So we can better protect them from  the environmental toxins, stresses, false or misguided nutritional information, increasing number of prescription drugs, depression and other challenges facing our youth. 

With a Genetic Health Profile for Kids from Genetic For Kids, you will learn which of your child’s genes are mutated in important health areas. You will also learn how you can help prevent and protect against the unhealthy expression (epigenetics) of these mutations. Knowing his or her DNA as it affects his or her health, is an incredible advantage in providing your child(ren) with their best opportunity to maximize their potential.    

Why Obtain Your Child’s (and Yours) Genetic Health Profile? 

We all have variations (also called mutations) in our DNA. Some of these mutations can cause serious health conditions if not addressed with the proper nutrition, lifestyle, and other treatments including hormone treatment when  appropriate. 

Your Genetic Health Profile can explain and offer specific solutions to poor sleep quality, depression, low energy, weight gain,  anxiety, ADD, ADHD, low motivation, premature aging, skin conditions, aging skin, lack of focus, poor achievement, anger issues, and a host of other conditions.

Genetic Time Bomb? 

Even if your child is not  experiencing any of these symptoms now, mutations may exist in his or her DNA that could be triggered at any time. The triggering of such mutations can affect their health in many was as mentioned above. The key is know what mutations exist and how to prevent them from acting poorly in the future. If they are acting poorly now, how to nourish these particular mutations so your child can lead a healthy and productive life.  

By knowing what mutations exist in your DNA and by proper nourishment/treatment of these mutations, we will be better able to protect our children from in today’s environment. 

Information For Better Health

I believe that genetic testing is all about obtaining information that allows parents and health care professionals to better prevent and treat naturally our youth – as well as adults. It is not a magic cure-all. It involves applying this information to the individual.  

It is about knowing what genes to test, the understanding of how the particular genes might affect or are affecting our health, and then consulting with the individual (or parents) to determine how to best nourish his or her genetic mutations.

About Dr. Feste

Dr. Feste received his M.D. in 1961 from Baylor College of Medicine and practiced and taught in the area of obstetrics and gynecology and women’s health for 52 years. He taught obstetrics and gynecology at Baylor School of Medicine and at Ben Taub General Hospital (the latter for 11 years). He has served as both a Clinical Instructor and Clinical Assistant Professor in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Dr. Feste has written or contributed to numerous medical articles, has years of experience in treating infertility and PMS, and worked in the area in the area of women’s health for years. He served on the Board of Directors of the Woman’s Hospital of Texas and was Medical Director of the Premenstrual Syndrome Program at Woman’s Hospital. Dr. Feste has years of experience in the use of natural hormones, the treatment of PMS and endometriosis and the clinical application of hormone therapy for both men and women.

Dr. Feste has delivered over 3000 babies and is now treating many of those babies as adults. He has a special interest in genetic testing for kids because of the valuable information provided in the Genetic For Kids Tests. He also encourages adults to obtain their Genetic Health Profile for the same reasons. He still practices medicine with Natural Bio Health, specializing in Bioidentical Hormone Therapy.